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halle kearns, a rising star and native of columbia, mo, has been making a significant impact in the country music scene since her debut in 2020.  she has amassed following including over 11 million tiktok views, 23 million global streams, and 82,000 instagram followers.

kearns' success can be attributed to her honest songwriting, captivating performances, and genuine connection with her fans. her debut ep, 'finally,' released in 2020, set the stage for her career, garnering over 7 million global streams. the ep's songs were featured on top country editorial playlists on various dsps, including hot country, new boots, and wild country. additionally, 'finally' reached number 7 on the u.s. itunes charts, and her single "whatever you do" was featured on sirius xm's 'the highway.'


in 2022, kearns released her sophomore ep, 'every girl,' which further solidified her presence in the industry. the ep features her single "happy in this bar," which has amassed over 7 million global streams and earned her a music video debut on cmt. 

with a clear vision for her future, an unwavering drive, and a rapidly growing audience, halle kearns is just beginning to tap into her immense career potential. "the boot" and "homemade margaritas" begin to reveal the next chapter in kearns' story, and sets the tone for a new wave of upcoming releases set for summer 2024.

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